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corrupt tennis organization slow down court speed even more in 2017 for nadal

Miami courts too slow – Rusedski

April 3, 2012

By Greg Rusedski
All the talk at the Miami Masters Series was again about the top four and if Roger Federer would be able to continue his amazing run. Miami is a tough event to win immediately after Indian Wells due to its slower conditions, heavy humidity and at times; strong winds.
Federer was trying to win Indian Wells and Miami back-to-back for the third time in his career. Federer has been on an amazing run since losing in the semi-finals of the US Open. He has won 6 of his last 8 events and has amassed the most points of any player since mid-September of last year. Unfortunately for Roger, he lost to Andy Roddick in the third round when he ran out of gas with Roddick playing well. This will hurt Roger because he owns Roddick and had beaten him in 24 out of 26 matches up until this match.
Nadal looked great all week to get to the semi-finals but had to pull out against Murray with a re-occurring knee problem before the match started. This was such a shame because he was playing so well. Everyone in the tennis business has always had question marks over whether Nadal could hold together physically because of the way he plays and moves; it is not efficient and is extremely physical. I hope this is more of a precaution for Rafa than a serious injury.
Murray on the other hand has had everything go his way with a default in the third round against the dangerous Canadian Milo Raonic and then in the semi-finals against Rafa Nadal to be back in the Miami finals.
Novak Djokovic played great all week and beat surprise semi-finalist Juan Monaco to meet Andy Murray in the finals. Andy vs. Novak is always an interesting proposition. They grew up playing junior tennis together so they know one another inside and out, this always adds an extra dimension. Novak didn’t play his best nor did Andy, but Novak showed why he is world number one by winning 6-1 7-6. Novak does everything a little better than Andy and looks like he is going to continue to dominate men’s tennis. The match lasted over two hours for two sets because the balls and courts were too slow.
The ATP needs to either speed up the ball or speed up the court because we are not getting enough variety in tennis. All the players are playing long baseline rallies with players rarely go to the net. We need more variety of play in tennis, all types of court players; servers and volleyers, and baseliners. This needs to be addressed by the ATP tour.

You are absolutely right, Greg. Too many of the tournaments have slow courts. There needs to be a variety in tennis. We need a few faster courts and some faster balls. Tennis needs to have all kinds of players. It was ridiculous to have a 6-1 set in the Miami final that took over 45 minutes! 6-1!!!
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I agree this needs to be addressed by the ATP tour. Greg, have you and your other influential buddies been taking this up with the ATP? I hope so, you guys actually have the power, we don’t. I really think the blue clay experiment is a breath of fresh air. Too many Djokovic-Nadal finals was starting to get boring/predictable. Hope Wimbledon is super fast this year for both the normal tournament as well as the Olympics!
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I agree this needs to be addressed by the ATP tour. Greg, have you and your other influential buddies been taking this up with the ATP? I hope so, you guys actually have the power, we don’t. I really think the blue clay experiment is a breath of fresh air. Too many Djokovic-Nadal finals was starting to get boring/predictable. Hope Wimbledon is super fast this year for both the normal tournament as well as the Olympics!
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Arrow 2017 Indian Wells Court Speed, Slowest?
Is it just me or does this year's Indian Wells slowest compared to all the past tournament?

I see some power players hitting the ball hard and serving it hard but as soon as the ball bounces it seems to be slowing down.
Also in the results there are many upsets by clay courters winning unexpectedly and big servers like Karlovic faling.
Why did they make it slow this year? I wanted Federer to win but this works against his favor.

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Has anyone been noticing how harder it is to hit winners at this year's Miami Open ? The ball seems to slow down considerable as it bounces of the surface, meaning it requires more effort to strike the ball than when the ball comes with speed at you.
I've also read that the courts at Indian Wells are supposed to be slower than in Miami, but for some reason I feel the ball was flying more freely at IW than in Miami. This is my subjective assessment. I really like fast hard courts because it gives the game more fluidity. With slow hard cuts, every point seems like a real chore.

Indian Wells insanely slow court speed: official stats which prove it

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    Jul 2, 2015

    Take a look at this graphic which Rob Koenig was discussing last night. IW is rated at a 24... PATHETICALLY SLOW!!!!!!




    Oct 16, 2013

    The conditions were still fast, according to Roger.


Indian Wells Masters: Roger Federer's easy win over Rafael Nadal proves he is rolling back the years

Roger Federer underlined his reemergence as a power centre in tennis with a classy performance against his nemesis Rafael Nadal. The Swiss maestro produced a silken smooth 6-2, 6-3 thumping of his Spanish rival to reach the quarterfinals in the Californian desert. Incidentally, Federer and Nadal met first in Miami in 2004, with the Swiss emerging winner in straight sets over a 17-year-old Nadal. Long-time followers of the sport believe that Federer is rewinding the clock with the quality of tennis that is reminiscent of his prime.
Roger Federer in action at the Indian Wells Masters. AP
Roger Federer in action at the Indian Wells Masters. AP
Federer’s 68-minute thumping of Nadal was only his 13th victory in 36 attempts. It was also the first time in their storied careers that Federer managed to beat Nadal three times in a row.
The victory has to be significant especially considering Federer’s shock loss to Evgeny Donskoy in Dubai earlier this month. Observers felt that Federer may have paid the price for under preparation, largely down to a busy schedule off the courts to mark an epochal 18th Grand Slam title in Melbourne this year.
As was the case in Australia, Federer seems to have found a new string of excellence off the backhand flank. The Swiss took control straight out of the gates, breaking Nadal in the very first game. But it was a blazing backhand service winner to surge ahead 4-1 that really helped Federer stamp his authority over this celebrated contest.

In the lead-up to the tournament, the air was thick with the oddity of the draw in Indian Wells. Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Federer were all grouped into the same quarter. That is a combined collection of 44 Grand Slam titles with only one man having an opportunity to make the last four.
Federer, currently ranked tenth in the world, made light of the situation immediately after learning of the draw. “It doesn't matter. I've gone through so many draws. I came here to Indian Wells to play against those guys. So it doesn't matter if it's a semi, a final or actually a fourth round,” said the nonchalant Swiss. He backed that assertion in style last night with his facile victory over an opponent that tormented him more than any other player.
Since that maiden meeting in the third round of Miami, Federer and Nadal had never met as early as the fourth round ever again. The fact is a reminder of the standards of tennis the two men have played for well over a decade. The 35-year-old Swiss has an elephantine memory of his matches, but even he might find it hard to remember the last time he managed to score such a comprehensive victory over Nadal.
The quarter of death is now down to Nick Kyrgios and Federer. The eccentric Australian ran amok against Djokovic, with the latter struggling to find the answers to deal with the younger man’s unbridled aggression.
The Swiss has an intriguing match-up next against the young Australian, who is riding the high of trumping Djokovic twice in a row. This victory against Nadal should provide Federer the reassurance needed to get past the erratic genius of Kyrgios.
After sealing the first set against Nadal in 34 minutes, Federer got down to business early in the second set too. The Swiss punished a short ball with a venomous forehand to go up 2-1. Out came his fist and the writing was on the wall for a beleaguered Nadal.
“In Australia (it) was a very close match," explained a candid Nadal in his inimitable style of English. "I had good chances to win. Today, not (so much).”
“Today he played better than me. I didn't play my best match, and he played well,” underlined the clearly impressed Spaniard. “These kind of matches, when you're not playing your match, it's impossible to win."
Last night’s victory should also ring bells around the tour for another important reason. The stadium court features an Acrylic Plexipave IW surface that rates as one of the slowest hard court surfaces anywhere in the world.
“For me it was physically a good match,” said Federer. “Also, looking ahead, it’s always good conserving energy for the rest of the tournament, but also for the rest of the season and for your life, because every step more you take on court has an effect down the road, I believe.” The Swiss played remarkably aggressive tennis, scoring 26 winners and only 17 unforced errors.
The hard court surface is the nearest in pace to clay, with a CPR of 24. Relatively speaking, the Melbourne court where Federer won a labored five-set victory in January measured 45. Nadal’s prodigal ability to generate kick and spin is accentuated on slower courts. The fact that Federer found the angles and speed needed to negate Nadal on the ad-court creates a new dynamic in the final phase of their legenadary rivalry. It was fascinating to watch the Swiss star imagine and execute sustained aggression against his arch rival..
‘Age is just a number’ might be one of the most abused phrases in sport. But Federer is clearly bent on proving the hypothesis with his compelling performances on the court.
For tennis fans, there cannot be a better spectacle in sport than watching Federer in full flow. The interest in the season that lies ahead will certainly fly a couple of orbits higher with Federer’s victory over Nadal last night.

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용도에 따라서 컴퓨터 부품 사양 고르기

오직 게임만 할거면  무조건 --------->  인텔 카비레이크 씨피유 , 앤당 그래픽카드

영화를  많이 보면서 게임도  좀 할거면  ---------->  인텔 카비레이크 씨피유 , 암드 480 이나 470  그래픽카드 

방송 , 2d ,3d 그래픽작업 , 동영상 편집 ,인코딩 작업   ----------->  라이젠 씨피유 ,  암드 480이나  470 그래픽카드 

방송 , 2d ,3d 그래픽작업 , 동영상 편집 ,인코딩 작업 하면서   최신게임 할거면  ------->  라이젠 씨피유 ,  앤당 그래픽카드 

컴터게시판에 보면 컴터 견적 짜는 글보면서  하도 답답해서  올려 봅니다   컴터부품은 자기 용도에 맞게 구입하는게  돈도 절약하면서 

가성비 최고의 부품으로  고르는 길입니다  

저그가 사기종족인 이유(저사기) 테란이 가장 약한종족인 이유

은상신혜2015-02-22 00:28IP: 218.49.*.215티니아 님께서 정리하신 게 저랑 비슷하고 07년도 전후를 기준으로 시대 상황을 더 잘 분석해주셨네요. 07년도 이전은 로템 맵 같은 언 밸런스 맵들에 의해 테란 전적의 거품 또한 끼어있는 편이죠. 

그리고 아래의 데이터는 07년도 이후 스타리그,MSL 16강 이상 다전제 전적 데이터 입니다. 위에 댓글에서도 올렸었지만 마지막으로 정리하는 김에 다시 올립니다. 

테란은 07년도 이후 양대 개인리그에서 3전제 전적 승률 최하위, 5전제 전적 승률 최하위 
만약 이영호의 커리어를 김택용 커리어 만큼만 쌓았다고 가정 했을 경우 테란의 양대 개인리그 3전제,5전제 승률은 더 낮아지고 테란의 우승 횟수도 최하위가 되죠. 

저 데이터를 보면 이영호는 오히려 테란을 해서 커리어에 손해를 보았다 라고 주장할 수 있을 정도로 만약 저그를 했으면 테란보다 더 높은 커리어를 쌓았을 겁니다. 

정리하자면 세종족 모두 안정화에 접어든 07년 이후를 비교했을 때,
테란은 가장 암울한 종족입니다.

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송국리유적은 한국 충청도 지역에 대규모로 잠깐 머물다 한반도에서 정착 퍼지지않고 일본에 전부 건너가 퍼진 초기야요이(일본어집단) 하플로그룹 o2b1a이다

한편, 일본에서는 기원전 10~5세기경 농경을 기반으로 하는 야요이문화彌生文化가 형성되었는데, 집자리는 물론 토기ㆍ마제석기・각종 건축물・환호・논 그리고 무덤에 이르기까지 송국리문화와 밀접한 관련이 있다는 점이 밝혀지게 되었다. 송국리유적은 그 기원지로서 국제적인 조명을 받게 된 것이다.

2017-03-26 corrupt atp fixed ranking 7 nadal as a default at the main webpage

corrupt atp fixed the ranking 7 nadal at the main webpage. he is ranking 7 and why is it fixed it as a default in the website?!? ranking number 1 double team is set as a default. this is ridiculous. it's so obvious atp allow nadal to dope and fix draws and slow down all courts solely for nadal. they also use nadal as a thumbnail for every youtube videos on their atp youtube channel.

nadal gets easy draws literally every tournaments

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ductrung3993, Oct 31, 2013
Someone please explain this for me.
This happens way too often to be consider normal.
Especially every time he "comes back". Not just easy draws, but all the other lucks too such as getting tired opponents. I though 2010 was enough of a fluke until this year happens.
Joined:Jun 29, 2013
Chico, Oct 31, 2013
I don't understand it either. It is really ridiculous. Happens way too often to be a coincidence IMO.
Not to mention huge amount of luck he had recently, on top of easy draws. The luck has to turn at some point.

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조선시대 최강의 살수집단 항왜병

임진왜란 때 상당수의 왜군들이 투항했습니다

당시 왜군들의 엄청난 근접전 능력을 사료에서는

"아군이 칼집에서 칼을 뽑아보기도 전에 왜군의 칼에 두동강이 났다"

"판옥선에 한명의 왜군이라도 올라타면 조선군 열이라도 당해내지 못한다"

라고 할만큼 조선군한테는 공포의 대상이였습니다

이에 선조는 우리도 근접전 전문부대를 만들어라고 영을 내리고

창검술을 전문으로 살수부대를 만들었지만 이를 본 투항한 왜군장수한테

"어린애 놀이수준에 지나지않다" 라는 혹평을 들었습니다

선조는 또다시 충격을 먹고 투항한 항왜에게 왜검술을 배우도록 하지요

다음은 훈련도감에 내린 선조의 교지입니다

“우리나라의 습속은 남의 기예 배우기를 좋아하지 않고 도리어 비굴하게 여긴다. 왜인의 검술은 대적할 자가 없다. 항왜(降倭)가 많이 나왔을 때 검술이 극히 묘한 자가 많아, 이들을 장수로 삼아 검술을 배우라고 친교를 한 적이 한두 번이 아닌데 끝내 실시하지 않고 모두 흩어 보냈으니 탄식할 일이로다. 별도로 한 장수를 뽑고 아이들 약간 명을 선택하여 왜인의 검술을 주야로 익히면, 이는 적국의 기예가 우리의 것이 되는 것인데 어찌 유익하지 않겠는가.” 

실제로 항왜는 여러모로 쓸모가 많았습니다

잘 알다시피 울산성 전투를 비롯해 임진왜란 여러곳에서 맹활약했으며

그 눈부신 근접전 전투기술에 명과 조선의 장수들이 혀를 내두르고 칭찬을 아끼지 않았다지요

전쟁이 끝나고 나서는 

사야가 김충선처럼 조선에 완전히 동화된 왜군도 있었지만

대부분은 자신들의 언어 복장 풍습을 유지하면서 살아 조선사람들과 여러 마찰도 있었습니다

일례로 벌건 대낮에 한양도성내에서 집단으로 칼을 차고 다니니

여기저기서 민원이 들어왔지만 칼은 무사의 자존심이라고 하여 끝까지 칼을 반납하기를 거부했다네요

북방여진족을 상대하기위해 항왜병으로만 구성된 부대가 만들어졌는데

소수였지만 대단한 전투력을 지녀 당시 총사령관 이괄은 이 항왜병 부대를 그야말로

애지중지 아꼈고 항왜병들 역시 이괄장군한테 다이묘 모시듯 극진한 충성으로 보답했습니다

후에 이괄이 반란을 일으켰을때 이 항왜병들은 또한번 눈부신 실력을 뽐내는데

거의 모든 전투에서 이 130명의 항왜병들은 가장 선봉에서 서서 빗발치는 화살과

총탄사이로 돌진해 조선토벌군들을 엄청나게 도륙을 내버립니다

이괄의 난 당시에 이 항왜병들의 반란토벌군한테는 공포의 대상이였고 항왜병들이 나타나면 총한방 활한번 못쏘고

흩어지는 경우도 부지기수였다죠

당시 유명한 항왜로는 서아지 / 고효내 / 사쇄문 등이였는데

특히 서아지는 별명이 비왜(飛倭) 

단어 그대로 날으는 왜병이라는 말처럼 전쟁터에서 눈부신 활약을 했다네요

이괄의 난이 실패로 끝나고 이괄의 북방군이 괴멸하면서 대부분의 장병들이 도망치고 흩어졌지만

이 130명의 항왜병은 마지막까지 단한명도 이괄장군 곁을 떠나지않고 싸웠다니

주군에대한 충성심또한 대단했다고 합니다

항왜병들의 근거지가 되었던 밀양의 항왜마을이

이괄의 난을 통해 크게 위축되고

조선군관들에 의해 보급되었던 그 유명한 왜검술도

숙종대에 이르러선 명맥이 끊기게 되었습니다

조선시대 최강의 살수집단 항왜병이 기존 계획대로 

청과의 일전에 쓰이지 못하고 이렇게 사라진것은 조선으로서도 큰 손실이였습니다