Saturday, March 18, 2017

proof nadal fans have organization to leave hate comments on other players and spread lies for nadal

ramos lopez
ramos lopez1시간 전
the fact that we would rather have djokovic win indian wells than federer just says something,unlike nadal or even murray federer is a boring old man now and we have seen it all.Please could grandpa fed just do us all a favour and fuck off
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ooo시간 전
Who is 'we'? Is there a whole community of you sad people?
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 Steven Stalder
Steven Stalder1시간 전
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cobraRF1시간 전
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 Anurag Sharma
Anurag Sharma1시간 전
ramos lopez  Lol !  Now djoko fans understood dat he can't beat Roger wid dis kind of form, they started begging fed for favours !
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 xThe Snow
xThe Snow1시간 전
ramos lopez Not nice words, in fact that  He is maybe the greatest  Player of the open era
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 Thang Vuong
Thang Vuong1시간 전
ramos lopez Someone wants attention.
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TheMHCuber1시간 전
Your just acting all cocky because Djokovic isn't in prime peak right now. You can just keep ur fucking thoughts to yourself ok and don't classify as "we" because not even your parents would back a nasty arrogant turd.
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 Siddhardha Mohan Sakhamuri
Siddhardha Mohan Sakhamuri1시간 전
+ramos lopez I hear Djokovic is back home seeing his doctor now, you should see one too!
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 Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong1시간 전
ramos lopez I AGREE! I felt bad for him when he was sick,now not so much. go away roger,has been. Such a boring outcome for indian wells,very anti climatic! If nole or rafa or thiem made it threw we would have a much more exciting highlight reel
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 Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong1시간 전
Jesus Christ is there a whole community who find roger boring? yes! me included! Roger is dull! THANK THE TENNIS GODS! FOR RAFA & NOVAK COULD U IMAGINE HOW BORING TENNIS WOULD BE WITHOUT THEM? Roger needs to retire,much more exciting matchups on the horriorzon
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 Kishnabe PSVita
Kishnabe PSVita57분 전
Sure the guy who relies on UE, and had no balls against Kyrgios is the exciting one....
 Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong57분 전
ramos lopez As a kid growing up all i saw was fed win everything! untill finally rafa showed up & years later nole came. Roger with his anti climatic tennis bores me to death,Rafa & nole is like watching braveheart or gladiator. Ive been sick of roger since 2003!!!!!
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JONDO E29756분 전
Ok.. Now you and your fantastic friends go cry at you room.. Pathetic idiot..
TheMHCuber53분 전
Donkey Kong Holy shit your back again, First of all, your English is terrible. Your about page says "good vibes". Your here on a video of the highlights of Roger Federer, so far being undefeated in the fifth biggest tournament in the world. In this tournament he's beaten Rafael Nadal, and Djokovic on the other hand lost to Nick Kyrgios for the 2ND Week in a Row (2nd week in a row as well losing straight sets to Kyrgios). Your "Good Vibe" attitude is nothing but bullshit. You sit on your fat ass on YouTube and all you do is criticize the best tennis player in the world and Federer is probably at his peak right now and it looks like he's playing some of his best tennis. You can't do anything to change tennis. You can't do anything to change Federer. For you and all the cocky haters, your just a bunch of sooks who can't get their own way after a Tennis player loses a match. Bloody hell I've never seen a bunch of fucking wingers that go onto every video that Federer wins and Fucking COMPLAINS.
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polychronio11분 전
this show how nadal fans are retarded lol...nadal is boring extreme defensive endurance game inferior athlete who rely on moonballing and opponents errors....nadull anti tennis doper shit need to be ban from tennis...nobody want to see boring defensive shit robotic nadal tennis....we=devil nadal fan organization who leave hate comments on other players and spread lies about federer for nadal....
 Shashank Udupa
Shashank Udupa3분 전하이라이트 답글
TheMHCuber Lol that was way too funny.. Well said mate..

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