Sunday, April 2, 2017

federer improved only his racquet and backhand method in 2017

that's ridiculous nonsense actually....nobody plays better with the the illness and 35 year age...he just changed from bad racquet he has been using his whole career and changed the backhand method to suit to nadal's shallow tactic against federer, meaning he is more adopt to nadal's shallow tactic and his moonballing style as time passed more and figured methods specifically to beat nadal,  despite of the illness and age in fact...only better equipment and method against nadal than in his prime...much less power and speed and stamina than before his illness and age....but still his equipment change is enough to beat nadal and even more with his backhand style change to suit to nadal's shallow tactic.... .federer actually almost disqualified to many other players before meeting nadal...why this ridiculous nonsensical perjury against champion of this generation?!? only because of wicked herd of retard nadal fans trying to brainwash people that people fall for this stupidity?!?

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