Wednesday, April 5, 2017

'koina ellhnika' greek spoken among the middle easterners

cyndie2611 hours ago
Did Greek have an influence on the Indo-Iranian languages and Armenian?
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 Jim Troy
Jim Troy11 hours ago
Well surely after Alexander the Great reached Iran yes, e language called "Koina Ellhnika" Or Common Greek was spoken among the middle easterners, Also Syria untill 50bc was speaking Greek. Also about Armenia, Ionians(Ancient Athenians) had colonised Pontus and Armenia,(Caucasus in general) .Armenian is very similar to Greek in syntax. Identical.
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 Sofia T.
Sofia T.4 hours ago
Half of Syria spoke greek as mother language in 7th century AC and before arab invasions
Is it possible that before Proto Indo-European split into Celtic, Germanic, Italic, etc., it split into "Proto West Indo-European", containing the Celtic, Balto-Slavic, Germanic, Italic, etc. languages and "Proto East Indo-European", containing Indo-Iranian and Armenian?
 Popopo Popopopopo
Popopo Popopopopo
no you got that backwards...indo-european language are roots of all those language groups you mentiones....I never heard proto indo-european language....

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