Wednesday, April 5, 2017

middle easterners call greeks yunanis from the ionian greek tribe and westerners call greeks greeks from the greek tribe graecian

Mr_Neo17시간 전
The westerns call us Greeks from the Greek tribe GRAECIAN that first came in contact with them in the west and the easterns call us Yunanis from the IONIAN Greek tribe that came in contact with them in the east. Hellenes is our name for the last 4000 years and for the thousands years to come. ΖΗΤΩ Η ΕΛΛΑΣ

Okeepus2일 전
That was a very good video. As a Greek, I would like also to inform about the root of the word Yunan, which mean Greek in most of the eastern language (in turkish for example). The word Yunan derived from the greek tribe Ionians, who lived in Asia Minor for more than 3,000 years. So, these greek people, Ionians, were the first Greeks who came across with other races in the Middle East, and especialy with the Persians. Thats why, the Persians called Alexander the Great as the King yo͞oˈnän. So, all the eastern people call us Yunan, until today.

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