Wednesday, April 5, 2017

the name maria is not originally hebrew name but philistine(originally from greek tribe) name

Azor Αζώρ
Azor Αζώρ10 hours ago
Also many popular names are Greek like: Alexander, Peter, Philipp, Mary, Stephan, Steven, Dennis, Dorothy, Theodor, Melanie, George, Andrew, Margaret, Berenice, Leonid, Leo, Arcadius, Agatha, Theresa, Catherine (Kate), Agnes, Alex, Anastasia, Basil, Nicolas, Chloe, Daphne, Cleopatra, Corinna, Cyril, Darius, Damian, Demetrius, Irene, Erasmus, Eros, Eugene, Thalia, Helen, Jason, Isidora, Cassandra, Melissa, Sebastian, Phoebe, Sophia, Timothy (Tim), Xenia, Zoe...etc...and many more :)
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 Scrotie McBoogerball
Scrotie McBoogerball8 hours ago
Mary is a Jewish name though, from Hebrew Myriam.
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 Gs Gs
Gs Gs8 hours ago
They are indeed Greek, except ''Mary'' which is Hebrew.
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 Stavros Stavridis
Stavros Stavridis7 hours ago
Theresa is Jewish as well
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 Azor Αζώρ
Azor Αζώρ6 hours ago
Scrotie McBoogerball Most people think it's a Hebrew name but the real origin of the name comes from the island of Crete which is known as Maira. The Philistines (people of Cretan origin) introduced the name to the area and turned into Mariah. Also there are many theories that Virfin Mary was Philistin hence Greek in origin...
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 Azor Αζώρ
Azor Αζώρ6 hours ago
Stavros Stavridis Theresa is not Jewish. Is a name of Greek origin Θηρεσια... Google it if you don't believe me...
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