Friday, May 5, 2017

moors/arabs took greek music and copied music scales invented by pythagoras and call it maqams comment

polychronio22시간 전(수정됨)
are you kidding me?!? maqams is just copying of musical scales invented by copied greek musical scales which is first invented by pythagoras and called it makaam and this transmitted to turks....middle eastern music is direct copy of ancient greek music just like every other cultures that they have are all from greek cultures......typical ignorant person who say east and west and group greece with west altogether as if it is the one entity when it's the both east and west influenced by greece....learn history in detail and never say ridiculous thing like east and west....greece never directly influenced west....east got direct influence from greece first and it was the east that influenced west with greek cultures.....
kourostatis5시간 전
What you write is so very true. The Arabs took their music and their makaams from the Greeks.

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