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longa is the greek music that moors/arabs copied from

Longa (Middle Eastern music)

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longa (Arabicلونجا‎‎) is a Turkish / Eastern European dance, that was later introduced into Arabic music and is often performed at the end of a muwashshah.
It generally uses an iqa' equivalent to 2/4, with several sections called khanat (singular khana), each followed by a taslim (refrain). The last khana is generally in 3/4.
A common form of longa is longa Riad in Nahawand scale (لونجا نهاوند) which is composed by Riad el-Sonbaty in the maqam Nahawand.

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You're mixing facts with misinformation. First of all the Longa is a musical note which is of Romanian Gypsy origin. The Longa is folk music and it was not written by anybody and is used by almost all the people's of the Balkans. It was later adopted by the Turks and it was passed on to the Arabs. There are several tunes in Longa music and it existed long before Santûri Ethem Efendi. who was more an arranger than a composer. What Ethem Efendi did is write lyrics and rearrange music for one of the longa tunes and called it "Sehnaz Longa", and so what? It's Ottoman music and in the Ottoman Empire there were many ethnic groups living together, including Greeks, Armenians, Jews, Arabs and of course Turks. Below I am added Greek Ottoman Composers who composed all these Ottoman music. Does it make it Turkish just because Turks were ruling these lands? The soul of Arab classical music is in the maqam (scale or mode). The cornerstone of the maqam are the ajnas or sets (trichord, tetrachord, pentachord). There are sixteen of them which are combined to obtain the various maqamat. The ajnas show that Arab music methodology was borrowed from the ancient Greeks. Even the magams derive from Greek music. 1. Huseyni Pesrev (Lavtaci Andon) 2. Huseyni Agir Semai (Hanende Zaharya) 3. Neva Sarki (Istavri Efendi) 4. Saba Sarki (Kemani Zafiraki) 5. Sevkefza Sarki (Lavtaci Hristo) 6. Irak Beste (Tiryaki) 7. Acemasiran Sarki (Aleko Bacanos) 8. Sehnaz Saz Semai (Kemenceci Nikolaki) 9. Hicaz Sarki (Kemani Todoraki) 10. Hicaz Sarki (Kemani Yorgi Efendi) 11. Sazkar Beste (Ilya) 12. Huzzam Sarki (Corci) 13. Huzzam Sarki (Marko Colakoglu) 14. Hisarbuselik Sarki (Usta Yani) 15. Kurdilihicazkar Pesrev (Vasilaki) 16. Kurdilihicazkar Sarki (Yorgo Bacanos) 17. Kurdilihicazkar Sarki (Civan Aga) 18. Kurdilihicazkar Sarki (Lavtaci Hristo)

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