Thursday, May 11, 2017

outrageous tennis organization give one day off for nadal just because he wants it

Fabio Fognini criticizes ATP: 'Good schedule here in Madrid'

Fabio Fognini didn't take well that the ATP and Madrid event organizers decided to accept Rafael Nadal's request to have one more day off, playing his first match not on Tuesday as planned, but on Wednesday. The reason why Rafa asked was simple: he has been suffering an ear infection since Friday night that is still bothering him, and so he wants to rest as most as possible before starting his bid to the fifth title in the Spanish tournament. Fognini shared a short but meaningul message on his Instagram Stories account: 'Good schedule here in Madrid,' he wrote tagging ATP World Tour official account.

It's not surprising that the Madrid Open has done a "favour" to Nadal, but it would be pretty normal also if the tournament was played in another country. Often top players ask to play in a certain session - day or night - and on a given day, also in the Grand Slam tournaments. Fognini who played his first round match on Sunday, so he has a two days break between the two matches, which is a pretty unusual thing.

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