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when to change wearable car parts?

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Default high mileage 05-06 Jetta
I am the original owner of a 2005.5 Jetta TDI with DSG transmission. Driven very conservatively, used spec 505.01 oil exclusively at 2500-3600 miles change intervals with oil filter. Michelin tires average 150,000 miles per set. Brake pads only changed once at 190,000 miles. Timing belt service (diesel geek kit) every 90,000 miles. Currently have 344,500 miles. At 343,800 miles experienced cam failure with eroding thru a lifter; also the flywheel was rattling (only when transmission idled in park). Had new parts installed (kit from Frank in Missouri) by guru Scott in Jacksonville along with oil pump and transmission fluid and filter change. Then to be on safe side had Wagon Werkes in Jacksonville change the flywheel. $3700 dollars later car now sounds and rides like new. The only apprehension I have is how long can the DRG transmission
last, but so far shifting seems unaffected by the high mileage.

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