Sunday, June 18, 2017

anybody can achieve road car level reliability

.logan861231일 전 I think any manufacturer is capable of making a reliable car if they want to. Take Jaguar for example, everything before 1996 was unreliable, everything after 2006 is average reliability. But between 1996 and 2006 they felt that they should make their cars more reliable as a business decision, and so they did. It has nothing to do with capabilities, just the will to do it, or of course the will to cut costs. But people have a perception that takes a long time to change. So Lexus could make an unreliable car to save money, and everyone would still think Lexus make reliable cars, or Jaguar could make an extremely reliable car (as they did in the form of the original XK8), but everyone still thinks they're unreliable. So honestly it's not something to be competitive about, just a cold calculated decision on the part of manufacturers. polychronio1분 전(수정됨) logan86123 there is still difference level of engineering capability for the highest reliability, which german and italian and french have the highest, but you are right for the road car reliability, any good companies you mentioned can build reliable cars, it's just matter of will of those companies.....

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