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arrogant cheater nadal complain about time violation again

Rafael Nadal and the time violations: 'We are not machines'
4 Jun 2017 -  View: 40605
by Gatto Luigi

Rafael Nadal is very satisfied after beating Roberto Bautista Agut 6/1 6/2 6/2. 'Gonna be very arrogant if I say that I am mot happy after this result', Nadal said in press conference. 'I played against a very good player, and I was able to win in straight sets with very positive result.

So happy for that. Probably I didn't play as well as I did the other day, but I still played well, no. I played some very good shots. It's true for some moments I make a few mistakes, but, no, not important ones. In general terms, I played well.' About the last terror attack in the UK, Nadal said: 'It's terrible to hear these kind of things all around.

Is very bad news, and with these kind of things, you cannot feel 100% safe in the one place. That's the real thing. That's very bad news for everybody, no? But I don't know. I don't know if the world is scared, is respect, and that's it.

Sorry for all the families that are suffering. It's tough to accept these kind of things, but it's happening very often today and is difficult to change that for the moment.' Then Rafa spoke about the three years he lost here in Paris, where he won nine titles: 'Last year for me was an opportunity lost.

That's all. It was an opportunity lost because I felt that I was playing well. That's the real thing, no. In 2009 was an opportunity lost too, but is true I had a lot of problems on the knee. And in 2015 there is one player who was playing much better than me.

So was different stories every time I didn't have the trophy here. But I never expect to only have three times coming back home without the trophy since that moment, so very happy about everything.' The umpire Carlos Ramos gave a warning, and therefore a serve point was taken from you.

What would you say about this? 'I'm not satisfied with this, of course. But it's not something new. There are umpires who sometimes put more pressure than others, and you'll have to accept this.

Theoretically the umpires are here to analyze the match and they are not here to use the stopwatch, otherwise we should have a stopwatch on the court. That's the whole point. Some dictate things or give their calls in a certain way.

Other umpires have different styles. It happened in the past. I remember this pressure in the past, because I take time before I serve. I have received pressure when I serve. Sometimes I feel I'm under pressure during the whole match, and it was a five, a best-of-five sets match, a very tough match.

If you want to play well, you have to let players breathe a little. We're not machines that cannot think. That's my viewpoint. But of course I fully respect other views and other points of view. What else can I say? I'm telling you this with some type of sadness, because I don't want to have any problems.

But this umpire is, I think, trying, in a certain way, to look for my faults, my errors. This is the impression I have. Of course he's put pressure on coaching, but frankly, I don't know. What I told him, the only thing I told him, is that he will have to give me many warnings, because I won't grab my towel.' About Real Madrid winning its 12th Champions League title, Rafa said: 'It's a historic moment.

I'm happy, very happy. I spent this time with my family, and I'm very happy. The second half was extraordinary. The first one was so tough. You have to go through tough moments, head winds. It was the case for Real Madrid and then during the second half it was a leap forward in terms of quality for them.

I'm so very happy. Even if it's my club and a Spanish team, as well. Their performance was excellent.

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