Monday, June 19, 2017

calzaghe is the greatest of all time boxer

bpb TPM2 hours ago
Calzaghe was past his prime when he fought Roy jones and Hopkins. He out boxed Hopkins and beat him in America. Hopkins after that fight went on to become World champion two more times.   He complete schooled Roy jones. People make excuses saying Jones was past his prime, so was Calzaghe. There both only 3 years apart in age and both were past it. Calzaghe in his prime beat Eubank. Roy jones in his prime said the "only person who could beat him was Chris eubanks".  Ward struggled and was dropped by Kovalev in the first fight.  Calzaghe would have punched him to death. Ward biggest win before Kovalev was Froch and Abraham. Froch is a big puncher who lacked boxing skills, Abraham was a one dimensional fighter. Ward admitted Kovalev was his best opponent. Calzaghe beat Eubanks who is a better boxer/fighter than Kovalev,Froch, Kessler, Abraham. Ward was just too good for his generation of Super middleweights. Calzaghe was the best of his generation. He only got recognition when he came over to America. He came to America past his prime. UK at the time did have Chris Eubank and Nigel Benn who were World champions. Nigel benn brought the WBO belt to the Uk and Eubank, Watson, Benn,Collins  were having there own battles in the Uk. Nigel Benn then fought American Gerald Mccelan who is considered the hardest punching middleweight/supermiddleweight. Benn was a huge underdog, Benn KO Mccellan and wins WBC belt against the best super Middleweight. Ward would have lost to Mccellan or Jackson. Kovalev is no where near Mccellan, Jackson, Eubank, Benn. Calzaghe beat Eubanks, Eubanks beat Benn, Benn Beat Mccellan, Mcellan beat Jackson twice. The competition back then was far better. Froch back then wouldn't have been world champion or become 6th on pound 4 pound list. Mccellan is a Hall of famer and so is Calzaghe.  Jeff lacy, who was a rising undefeated star. Calzaghe past his prime outboxed him to death. Youth did nothing for Lacy. A prime Calzaghe would have KO him. Calzaghe unlike Ward won all his fights convincingly. Calzaghe past his prime gave 28 year old Kessler who was 39-0 unified WBA and WBC world champion his first loss. Prime Ward beat older Kessler due to accidental head clash. He had to throw his head to win. Calzaghe. 46-0 (34 KO). Calzaghe power was affected near end of his career yet no one can out punch Calzaghe. Calzaghe had 21 title defences. two weight world champion. He held all titles possible in supermiddleweight (WBA,WBC,WBO,IBF, The Ring and Lineal titles) was the closest to becoming the first undisputed super middleweight champion having held (WBA,WBC,WBO, The ring and lineal belts) all at once.

Lakvinder Singh4 days ago
guy beat lacy with one hand. He dint want the fight cos of his injured hand n needed surgery. Calzaghe don't feel right n did not want the fight. Throughout his career had problems with both hands. His dad n trainer persuaded him to take the fight and said he will beat him with one hand, and he did!

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