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cyprus is greece and greek people

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Cyprus would be united with Greece if it weren't for Turkey. Turks only accounted for 20% of the population of Cyprus before the Turkish invasion. Cyprus is a lot closer to Turkey than it is to Greece. But, Cyprus will always be seen a Greek. It is possible that Greece and Turkey may go to all out war over the island at some point in the future.

Though, Greece has relinquished its claim of complete sovereignty of the island, Greek culture is still dominate on the island, even with illegal Turkish immigration in the north. You're looking at 850,000 Greeks and other legal westerners in the south vs 450,000 Turks, legal and illegal in the north.

Israel is similar in that it is a divided and contested land. Jews had not held political power there since the Hasmonian Dynasty and Herodian client kingdom of Rome ruled the southern Levant, over 1,900 years before Israels' reestablishment. Palestinians very well may be made up of the original Israelite inhabitance and 1300 BC century usurpers of Canaan, described in the bible and a hand few of other texts.

Judaism has in the past forced other people to convert to Judaism, example; the Edomites. Also, their have been documented Jewish kingdoms in Ethiopia, Yemen, and Southern Russian, all since the Levantine diaspora of "Holy Land" Jews. Many "Experts" try to claim that the Jewish Nation of Khazaria is largely a mythical revisionist invention. But, their are Hebrew coinage from southern Russia all the way to Poland that have been discovered. And, their are "a lot" of them.

Judaism has historically always sought converts, with exceptions being given to the relatively recent rise of Christianity and Islam in various nations that Jews had also lived in, taken into account. Even with all this acknowledged, one cannot deny that Jews are now a relatively small and United people similar to the Greeks.

When one coverts to Judaism he is more or less joining a national people and a religion. This is not necessarily true for any other major religion. I am part Polish Jewish myself and I take pride in that.

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