Thursday, June 22, 2017

german cars have the superior engineering

Priorities and image.
German cars, even those that get panned by Consumer Reports for poor reliability, have the reputation of superior engineering. The also have the reputation for excellent handling in traffic due to the fact that Germans develop automobiles to use on the high speed Autobahns. If you are image conscious, you do well to drive a Daimler, an Audi, a Porsche, or a BMW. When I was younger and much more focused on image than I am as a 69-year old retired person, I loved my Mercedes 280. It felt really good to spend some time in South Hampton and to park my Silver Star adjacent to a whole series of similar cars.
Then I moved to Minnesota, winter, rare repair shops, and a place where rear-wheel drive just didn’t work. After paying four figures to have a simple replacement part, I parted with the car and have never missed it except in my dreams.
My priorities changed to reliability sometime in the 90s. I bought a Toyota for my wife in 1992, the year it enhanced its design, and that car lasted forever. I believe the only major repairs were two timing chains and a radiator in the 15 years we drove it. I also bought a Mazda truck, that I own to this day, and the first of three Pontiac Vibes I have purchased. The Vibe was/is a great car — American design over a Toyota drive train. When my 2009 was totaled last year in a run-in with a distracted driver, I replaced it with the same model.They were discontinued by General Motors in 2010.
At a certain age (years ago for me), image ceased to be a factor for me in the selection of a ride. The only time I actually pick image is when I rent a car for a few days while on vacation. Otherwise, the image I prefer is one that correlates to the Consumer Reports reliability ratings.

Matt Thoma
German cars are the best.
The proverb Porsche, there is no substitute .. is very true.
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