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all japanese do is copying german cars and old german technologies and why do stupid americans come up with stupid stereotype like japanese build a high tech car with germans?

Darth Raider
1 day ago
Looks like Lexus stole from Mercedes interior design

1 day ago
Darth Raider lol are you blind?

1 day ago
japanese known for copying german is a german invention anyways so they have to copy from the start....

Richi Gomez
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Richi Gomez
1 day ago
he isnt ,  it is pretty obvious if you dont see it , you are the typical, change me the colours, give me a couple futuristic plastic decorations and i get tricked, kind of guy , its an obious copy , they even copied the idea of building a half-oval empty space behind the back seats for the seat to recline and give you a sense of privacy ,  has to be that way? audi a8L seats recline doesnt works the same way , interior looks nothing alike , so yeah lexus copying.

benz is the most popular car in albania

In Poor Albania, Mercedes Rules Road


This may be one of the poorest countries in Europe and its bumpy, winding roads a world away from the German Autobahn, but the most popular car in Albania is the Mercedes-Benz.

More than a decade after Communist rule collapsed in the Balkans, most Romanians still drive copies of the boxy Renault 12, made by the local car company, Dacia. Traveling around Serbia, you are more likely to find yourself stuck behind a sluggish Yugo or Zastava than overtaken by the latest BMW.

But Albania is different.

Touring the dirt roads, mountain passes and highways of this coastal nation of 3.5 million people, it is possible to spot virtually every model of Mercedes produced since the 1970's. From the plushest new S-Class to battered sedans from a bygone era, they outnumber all other brands by as much as two to one.

Roadside shacks in remote villages advertise ''Mercedes Service,'' and hawkers at city traffic lights peddle accessories like alloy hubcaps and steering wheel covers.

Where do all these luxury cars come from? Certainly not from the official Mercedes dealership on the outskirts of Tirana, the Albanian capital.

''We expect to sell about 50 cars this year,'' said Sokol Kodra, the showroom's chief salesman. ''The people who come to us for a new vehicle are only interested in the most expensive models, and they have to pay cash.''

On average, that means handing over a pile of banknotes worth $65,000 -- an amount that a majority of Albanians would take a lifetime to earn on their current salaries.

But for many Albanians who can afford a car at all, a Mercedes is the only option worth considering.

''They're robust and powerful -- ideal for the awful roads in this country -- and spare parts are easy to find,'' said Ilir Mansaku, a Tirana taxi driver who owns a 1990 version of the model that evolved into the E-Class. ''They're also a bit of a status symbol. Who wants to drive anything else if you can have a Mercedes?''

At the main used-car market outside Durres, Albania's second-largest city, the going rate for some of the older sedans is around $4,000. There are plenty to choose from.

Several hundred polished Mercedes, mostly with German or Italian registration plates, are parked in formation in a muddy field strewn with litter and the livestock tended by subsistence farmers who live nearby.

''Have a look around,'' said a man in a leather jacket, brandishing a mobile phone. ''If you can't see what you're looking for, you can leave us your number. There's always a good chance something will come in.''

Most of the used vehicles on sale here have been imported perfectly legally. Many still bear the temporary registration plates that allow cars to be driven out of Germany and sold abroad, most often in Eastern Europe.

Back in 1990, when Albania threw off the Stalinist regime that had kept it isolated from the outside world for half a century, the first cars to pour into the country were decrepit old Fiats from Italy.

But an exodus of Albanians seeking work abroad soon transformed the market. Before long, people were driving back to visit their families in more impressive cars -- and leaving them behind when they returned to Western Europe.

Around one million Albanians emigrated during the last decade as the economy collapsed and the country at one point descended into anarchy. The remittances they send home help keep their relatives afloat and make the dream of car ownership an attainable reality.

More important, the émigrés keep the supply of Mercedes flowing.

''Every time I come back to Albania, I bring a Mercedes with me to sell,'' said Arjan Bano, who lives in Germany but returns to visit his family at least once a year. ''I can't afford expensive cars, but you can pick up an older one for a couple of thousand dollars and make enough money to cover the cost of your trip.''

Such entrepreneurship, more typical among Albanians than most of their Balkan neighbors, does not always respect the law.

''Many of the newest top-class cars that you see on the roads have been stolen,'' an Albanian government official said. ''But they invariably come with keys and valid papers, usually because the owner has agreed to the theft in order to defraud their insurance company.''

Once in Albania, almost every Mercedes is legitimately registered with the authorities in Tirana without further checks, making it difficult to trace stolen vehicles. DaimlerChrysler, the German company that owns the Mercedes brand, wants the system changed so that chassis numbers are compared with foreign police databases before Albanian plates are issued for a car.

''This system is in force all over Europe -- except in Albania,'' said Mr. Kodra, the salesman. ''It destroys our business if people can buy the same car from someone else for a fraction of the price.''

칼자게는 무패 완전무결점의 역사상 가장 위대한 복서이고, 전성기때 로이존스랑 붙었어도 칼자게가 결과는 똑같이 로이존스 갖고논다.

칼자게랑 로이존슨 전성기에 붙어도 칼자게가 이김...

전성기때 붙어도 칼자게가 로이존스 갖고놈....칼자게 무패복서에다가 약점이없음 칼자게도 전성기 지난상태였고 그정도로 기술차이가나면 전성기에 붙어도 칼자게가 갖고놀지...칼자게가 복싱역사상 최고의 복싱선수임 사실상 이탈리아인이라서 흑인우상숭베 나라 미국한테 인종차별받는거...

ㅁㄴㅇㄹ 응 그때 로이면 계집애복싱 칼자지는 건들지도 못해~ 복갤에서 어그로 좆목종자들을 추방하자!!!223.62.*.* 2017.10.01 12:44:39 삭제버튼
ㅁㄴㅇㄹ ㄴ멍청한 흑인말이라면 변명도 로보트처럼 받아들이는 조센징이 어그로끄네 그래서 그렇게 졌구나?!? 건들지도 못하는건 칼자게고 칼자게는 완전 갖고놈 말도 안되는 변명이나 대지말구 진거면 진거다 깨끗히 인정해 칼자게가 p4p 역대 1위고 로이가 2위다....둘다 위대한 복서다... 2017.10.01 13:16:34 삭제버튼
ㅇㅇ 칼자게가 ko머신에다가 무패에다가 빈틈없는 복서인데 로존주에게 전성기에 붙어도 질이유가 하나도없지222.97.*.* 2017.10.01 13:28:53

ㅇㅇ 칼자게 전성기보니 거의 완전무결이고 ko머신이고 빈틈이 없는 복서인데 비전성기에는 로이를 박살 참교육시켰는데 전성기라도 참교육시키지 말라는 법없다222.97.*.*

volvo, benz, bmw, audi are the 4 of the safest car in the world and lexus is unsafe car that when you ride it you have high chance of dying

1) Volvo

Average Score: 9.8 (Details Below)
Volvo has long had a reputation for safety, and its Vision 2020 initiative – no injuries or fatalities in a Volvo by the year 2020 – is an ambitious goal. With only a half-dozen models on the market, Volvo’s high average safety score shows its attention to safety across its range.
Volvo isn’t perfect, though. The S60 small sedan comes with City Safety as standard equipment, which automatically applies the brakes at low speeds if it senses a potential collision, but a rearview camera isn’t standard in all trim levels. If you’re looking for a step toward autonomous driving, the XC90 has the latest version of Pilot Assist available as an option. This system marries adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist to follow a car at a set speed and a certain distance while keeping the SUV in its lane.

2) Mercedes-Benz

Average Score: 9.73 (Details Below)
Mercedes-Benz has developed and deployed many safety technologies earlier than its competitors, so it’s no surprise to see it near the top of this list of safest brands. Most Mercedes vehicles have Attention Assist as standard equipment. Attention Assist monitors the driver for signs of drowsiness and alerts them with a little coffee cup icon in the instrument cluster.
However, some features that are standard in other brands, like a rearview camera, are optional on models like the GLA subcompact SUV. Other features are standard – and unusual – in some models, like Crosswind Assist in the C-Class. Available features for Mercedes include blind spot monitoring, pedestrian detection, and active park assist. 

3) BMW

Average Score: 9.72 (Details Below)
The BMW family includes everything from performance SUVs to luxury sedans to plug-in electric vehicles – and all of them received excellent safety scores. The futuristic BMW i3 electric vehicle scored 9.9 in safety, and the X5 midsize SUV earned a 9.4.
There are lots of high-tech safety features available in BMWs, but most of them are optional depending on model and trim. Even a rearview camera is a $400 option in the X5. In addition to the usual safety suspects, like available forward collision warning, parallel park assist is available in some models.  

4) (Tie) Audi

Average Score: 9.7 (Details Below)
Between the least expensive Audi and the most expensive lies a difference of about $100,000 and less than 1 full point on the safety scale. The Audi A3 has a safety rating of 9.3 for a base price of $31,200, while a fully loaded Audi A6, for example, received a 10. (Like other brands on this list, Audi’s super luxury cars don't have safety scores, as they aren’t fully tested by outside agencies.)
Even base Audi models have a rearview camera and parking sensors. Some models, like the A4, also have Audi Pre-Sense and Pre-Sense City technology, which prepare passengers for an impending forward collision and use pre-collision braking to protect passengers and pedestrians. There are also Pre-Sense Rear and Collision Avoidance Assist features available for some trims and models.

9) Lexus

Average Score: 9.5 (Details Below)
There are enough Lexus models to satisfy most luxury buyers' specifications, and their average safety scores are nearly perfect. Some models, like the Lexus GS sedan and CT Hybrid, did receive a perfect 10 out of 10 for safety.
Vehicles near the top of the luxury category, like the large Lexus LX SUV and the LS super luxury car, aren’t regularly or fully subjected to safety testing by third parties, if they’re tested at all. When they are tested, they perform well. The LS, for example was put through two tests by the IIHS and was given the highest rating of Good in both.

greek pyramid is older than egyptian pyramid

Paraglidecrete6일 전하이라이트 댓글
AT the foundations of the Greek pyramid of Argos* Elliniko , which is proven older that the great pyramid of Egypt , the chief archaeologist at site Samson , fount pottery of the third millennium bc

half of german don't drive german cars because german car is still expensive in germany.

Jürgen Pietsch
Yes Germans drive foreign cars because “sophisticated” German cars are more expensive than many foreign cars with comparable features.
There are also other reasons like car design, maintainance costs, fuel efficiency, the ADAC Pannenstatistik (a car trouble statistic published by the ADAC, the largest automobile club in Germany).

japanese cars made up less than 10 percent in germany and 40 percent of all cars german drives is import french cars

About 40 percent of all cars sold in Germany are imported. The most important import brands are Renault, Peugeot and Citroen. All Japanese manufacturers together have less than 10 percent. And you may not forget: VW group owns Skoda (Czech republic) and Seat (Spain), BMW owns Mini (UK). So these brands may belong to German manufacturers and may contain quite a lot of German made components, but they are made outsides Germany.
German car manufacturers also use their plants in foreign countries to make cars for the German market. So most cars of the BMW X series are made in the U.S., as well as many Mercedes SUVs. VW and Opel (GM) make their compact cars in Spain or Poland. As far as I know every New Beetle sold in Germany is made in Mexico. The small Mercedes van Citan is made by Renault either in France or in Spain. And Magna in Austria is assembling cars for everybody who asks.

German engineering is far superior

German engineering is far superior

John Morris
9 minutes ago
No, German engineering is far superior. Its a fact. They pay attention to every detail and put thought into the almost ridiculous details.

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mercedes benz is the only one getting over 500 hp from a naturally aspirated 6.2

Hugo Stiglitz 6 days ago

Mercedes is the only one getting over 500 hp from a naturally aspirated 6.2. Gm can't do it because they are bullshit. And BMW can get 100 hp per liter out of the e92 m3. Way better than Any American shitboxes. And Porsches 718 cayman has 350 hp and is faster than the new mustang gt and camaro and 392 challenger and all those pos have over 400 hp.

hyundai is as reliable as honda

Honda vs. Hyundai: Battle of the Brands<br />
By Jaclyn Trop | August 17, 2017

Winner: Tie

Hyundai’s industry-leading warranty features a five-year/60,000-mile basic warranty and a 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty. New Honda vehicles come with a three-year/36,000-mile new vehicle warranty and a five-year/60,000-mile powertrain warranty.

Both brands score well in J.D. Power’s predicted reliability ratings, earning quality overall ratings of three out of five. Several of their nameplates earn a score of four or higher. But each has a couple of outliers: The Hyundai Veloster received a 2.5 out of five, and the Hyundai Ioniq and Honda Fit received a three out of five.

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renault is number 1 in sales of cars in 2017 and volkswagen still ahead of toyota in 2017

Renault-Nissan Alliance Is World's largest Auto Manufacturer For The First Half Of 2017

The Renault-Nissan Alliance has emerged as the largest vehicle manufacturer in the world, for the first six months of 2017. The Volkswagen Group and Toyota occupy the second and the third place respectively.

CarAndBike Team By CarAndBike Team | Published: Jul 29, 2017 04:52 PM

 Renault-Nissan Alliance Is World's largest Auto Manufacturer For The First Half Of 2017  View Photos
The Renault Nissan Alliance is the largest carmaker in the world, for the first 6 months of 2017

The Renault-Nissan Alliance sold 5,268,079 units in Jan-June 2017
The Volkswagen Group sold 5,155,600 units in the same time
Toyota sold 5,129,000 units in Jan-June 2017
The first six months of 2017 have went by in a flurry and a lot of cars were launched and sold. But, it was the Renault-Nissan Alliance which has emerged as the biggest vehicle manufacturer for the time period for January 2017-June 2017. The alliance sold a total of 5,268,079 units in the first six months of 2017. At the second position is the Volkswagen Group which sold 5,155,600 units. Rounding up the third place was Toyota, which sold 5,129,000 units. The year-on-year growth for the Renault-Nissan Alliance was 7 per cent and the estimated sales for 2017 are 10.5 million units. Similarly, the year-on-year growth for the Volkswagen Group was a meagre 0.8 per cent while the estimated sales for 2017 are 10.3 million units. As far as Toyota is concerned, its year-on-year growth was pegged at 2.7 per cent and the estimated unit sales are projected to be at 10.3 million units before 2017 ends.

Company Sales (Jan-June 2017) Year-on-year growth Estimated Sales (2017)
Renault-Nissan 5,268,079 7 per cent 10.5 million
Volkswagen Group 5,155,600 0.8 per cent 10.3 million
Toyota 5,129,000 2.7 per cent 10.3 million
The Nissan-Renault Alliance sold a total of 481,151 electric vehicles in the said period too. The addition of Mitsubishi Motors in late 2016 also contributed significantly to the overall sales of the group in the first half of 2017.

volkswagen group(The Volkswagen Group saw a mere 0.8 growth in its sales for Jan-June 2017 as compared to last year)
Carlos Ghosn, chairman and chief executive of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, said, "The Alliance has delivered record sales during the first semester of 2017 reaching 5,268,079 vehicles sold. We will continue to leverage our significant economies of scale and global market presence to deliver valuable synergies for our member companies this year, while maintaining a strong technology line-up and offering customers breakthrough electric models."

The biggest contributor to sales for the VW Group was Volkswagen cars, with Audi and Skoda coming in the second and third place. The month of June 2017 was the strongest in terms of sales where the VW Group sold 920,700 vehicles globally.

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갑자기 허리가 아프고 s자로 휘어질때 치료 예방방법

급성요통, 갑자기 허리아플때, 요추염좌 왔을때 현명한 대처법

안녕하세요 신사동에서 체형교정 트레이닝 하고있는 시윤이아빠(물리치료사)입니다. 

날씨가 많이 풀리면서 좀 바빠져서 요즘 글이 뜸했네요;; 손목스트레칭글도 한번 썻었는데 아쉽게도 묻혔어요 ㅜㅜ 같이한번 봐주세요 효과적인 손목스트레칭

최근 주위에 급성요통으로 도움을 청하는 경우가 많아서 갑자기 허리가 아플때 대처할수있는 방법에 대해 알려드리고자 이 글을 씁니다.
일상생활에서 갑자기 오는 급성요통은 굉장히 흔합니다.

앞으로 숙여서 뭔갈하다가 옆으로 회전 할 상황이 있으면 허리를 잘다치는데요.. 
이런식으로 다치는게 물건집다가 옆에 무슨소리가 나서 딱 처다본다거나
신발끈묵다가 아프다거나 숙여서 물건 집어들려다가 물건이 예상보다 무거워서 갑자기 힘을 더줬다거나.. 하는 이벤트들로 잘 발생합니다.

이렇게 갑자기 생긴 급성요통에 현명하게 대처하는법을 알려드리겠습니다^^

[급성요통] :: 허리가 갑자기 아파요 왜아픈건가요??
너무 아파서 굽힐수도없고 펼수도없고 돌아누울수도 없고 움직일수없는 급성요통

이렇게 심한 통증의 원인은 무엇일까요??

허리에는 뇌에서 내려온 척수와 신경을 보호하고있는 척추가있고 그 척추는 수많은 근육과 인대 디스크에의해 보호받고있습니다.

갑작스런 디스크와 인대의 손상이 생길경우 우리몸은 더 중요한 중추신경을 보호하고 추가적인 인대와 디스크의 손상을 방지하기위해 온 근육을 긴장시켜서 못 움직이게 고정합니다.

이때 억지로 움직이려고 하면 너무 심한 통증이 나타나게되고 더 아파지고 그런거지요..

결국 온근육이 긴장하고 딱딱하게 굳는것은 우리몸이 우리스스로를 지키기위한 방어작용인것입니다.

[허리가 틀어졌어요] :: 허리가 갑자기 아팠는데 거울을보니까 허리가 틀어져있어요
상체의 무게를 지지하는 허리가 문제가 생겨서 한쪽으로만 체중지지를 하려는 현상입니다.

위 카카오톡 대화에서 나온 사촌동생은 체중을 왼쪽으로 지지하기 힘든상황입니다.

허리가 급성요통으로 아파서 틀어진경우 통증이 해결된다면 자연스럽게 가운데로 돌아오게됩니다. 그러므로 허리를 똑바로 놓는것에 집중할것이아니라 허리통증을 관리하는게 집중을 한다면 자연스럽게 좋아집니다.

허리가 틀어지는 것또한 우리몸이 통증에 적응하는 방어작용입니다.

급성요통으로인한 허리틀어짐은 척추측만증과는 다른 현상이니 오해없으시길 바랍니다.^^

[급성요통] :: 허리가 갑자기 아파서 못움직일때 어떻게 대처해야하나요??

허리가 갑자기 아플때 가장 긴급한 처방은 병원, 복대, 휴식, 걷기, 고관절스트레칭 입니다.

다 알려드렸습니다. 위 적어놓은 병원, 복대, 휴식, 걷기, 고관절유연성회복 이것들이 적절하게 이루어진다면 더 심한 재손상없이 회복될수있습니다.

우선 병원 입니다.

급성요통은 허리 디스크와 인대의 미세손상으로 주위 근육들이 너무나 긴장을 하고있는경우가 대부분입니다.

인대나 디스크의 미세손상의경우 주위조직에 염증이 생겨 통증을 더 심하게 만들수있기때문에 먹는 소염진통제나 염증을 가라 앉힐수있는 주사를 처방해주는경우가 많습니다.

무엇보다 디스크 파열이나 다른 여러가지 심각한 상황과 급성요추염좌를 감별해내기위해서 병원을 가는것이 좋습니다. 

필요하다면 MRI검사를 통해 디스크의 상태를 더 정확하게 검사하는경우도 있습니다.

복대를 24시간 착용하고 있어야합니다.
요추들끼리 안정적으로 유지되지못하고 인대나 주위 조직이 다친경우
주위 근육들이 무리를 해서 요추를 안정화시키기위해 힘을 꽉!! 주고 뻣뻣하게 만든것입니다.

이때 요추의 안정성을 도와준다면 주위근육들의 긴장도 줄어들고 근육의 회복도 빨라집니다.
하루 24시간 특히 자는동안 꼭 복대를 착용하고 다니는것이 중요합니다.^^ 자는동안 우리 몸의 코어근육들도 긴장을 많이 풀기때문입니다.

복대는 특별한것이 아니라 사진에 나오는 가장 간단한 형태의 복대면 충분합니다. 약국에서 3000원에서 5000원이면 살수있습니다.

가격은 싸지만 가장 간편하게할수있고 덜 거추장스러워서 좋아요

[허리 아플때 좋은 운동] :: [걷기운동]
허리의 안정화를 위해 우리몸의 코어근육들이 일을 잘 해야합니다.

위에서 설명드린 복대도 코어그육들을 도와줄수있느 하나의 방법입니다.

빠르게 걷기운동은 우리몸의 코어근육들을 활성화할수있는 간단하면서 덜위험한 방법입니다.

너무 오래걸으면안되고 10분에서 20분정도 본인이 안 아프고 가능한정도의 시간만 하되 자주 해주시는것이 좋습니다. 

느긋하게 소처럼 걷는것보다는 빠릿빠릿하게 걷는것이 코어근육의 활성화에 도움을 줍니다^^

[허리 아플때 좋은 운동] :: [고관절 유연성]

걷거나 앉을때 서있을때 허리의 부담을 가장 줄여줄수있는 관절은 고관절입니다.

대부분의 허리환자들은 고관절의 유연성이 부족하여 평소 허리가 고관절의 일을 대신 감당하다가 무리가되어서 아프게되는경우입니다.

평소에 제가 전에 소개해드렸던 골반불균형을 잡는 운동이나.
고관절의 유연성을 위한 운동들을 꾸준히 해왔다면 허리 아플일이 많이 없었을거에요^^ 고관절 셀프테스트와 스트레칭 장요근 스트레칭

급성 요통환자의 경우도 허리의 부담이 없는 정도의 고관절 유연성을 위한 스트레칭을 통해 더 편해질수있습니다. 

하지만 관절 이완운동이나 수동적으로 고관절을 이완시키는 것은 전문가의 지도하에 하는것이 좋습니다. 

조금만 잘못하면 다시 아플수있는 약한 허리이기때문입니다.^^
그래서 심하게 통증이있을때는 굳이 운동을 시작하지 마시고 휴식 하는것을 추천해드립니다

복대하고 누워서 쉬면서 조금씩 걷기운동을 하면서 허리가 어느정도 회복되는것을 기다리고 천천히 유연성회복을 위한 운동을 시작하는것이 안전합니다.

병원가서 큰 문제아니라는 이야기도들었고 복대도 준비했고 쉴 시간, 걷기 운동할시간도 확보되셨으면 천천히 회복하시고 상태가 호전된 후 제가 전에소개해드렸던 고관절 유연성 회복운동들을 하면서 재발을 방지하고 건강한 생활 하시면 되겠습니다

지금 막 아픈분들뿐아니라 한번씩 허리 뜽끔뜨끔 아프신분들도 이글 스크랩해두시고 급할때 다시한번씩 복습해주세요ㅎㅎㅎ

질문있으시면 댓글로 받겠습니다~


Monday, September 25, 2017

amount you need to pay for credit card to avoid interest

The "balance due" is the balance at the end of the last billing period. This is the amount that you need to pay by the due date to avoid any interest charges.
The "total balance" includes purchases that have occurred in the current billing period, after the last billing period has closed. If you were looking at a paper statement, you wouldn't see this balance, because it includes transactions that happened after the statement was printed. The payment for these transactions won't be due until the after the current billing period has ended.

korean people are divided people regionally

Miso Nanumi
Miso Nanumi, Lived in South Korea for more than 10 years.
Answered Aug 29
Koreans: insular-mindset; hyper-nationalistic on the outside but deeply divided amongst themselves due to historical regional divisions (difficult to see this unless you’re a Korean yourself); debilitating emphasis on education, looks, prestige and status; truly a country of contradictions. There is no other country that is as united and as divided as Korea is at the same time. Outsiders might think they have a superiority complex, but the truth of the matter is, many Koreans do not like the fact that they are Korean.

Japanese: too strict with themselves, can be too apologetic at times, hard to read their true intentions, some have a superiority complex towards other Asians and like to overtly associate themselves with the Western world, politically they have issues with their neighboring countries, not the best country for gender equality.

Chinese: imperialist mindset, me-first attitude/me-only attitude, not the most well-mannered people in the world, have a weird approach towards morality and ethics (maybe a consequence of post-cultural revolution), probably some of the most materialistic and money-driven people in Asia.

To balance out the negatives, here are the positives (all my impressions):

Koreans: incredibly hard-working people, resilient, do not like to lose out to their neighbors, strong focus on family, surprisingly quite generous and sympathetic once you get to know them (Korean Jeong), good at marketing and presentation, a great eye for aesthetics and an ear for good music

Japanese: no other group is as meticulous and detail-oriented as the Japanese, their products are often top-notch quality, people are generally polite and well-cultured, their language sounds melodious

Chinese: no denying their rich cultural heritage, very smart and resilient people, quite accepting of strangers and other cultures (despite being communist), probably the best country out of the three when it comes to gender equality, has lots of potential for becoming one of the most dominant culture in the world, if not already
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Thursday, September 21, 2017

japanese watch makers invite swiss chrono masters to learn their hand-making techniques

At Seiko they heard about a certain Swiss watchmaker, who was supposed to manufacture the most beautifully hand-finished movements. So they invited Mr. Philipp Dufour Dedication to get every detail right, and when you’re not sure that your hand-finishing is superb, you invite the master to teach you the skills. The Seiko watchmakers learned well from swiss watch makers.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

with smaller old rackets nadal's weak technique would be exposed badly

cee gee
8시간 전
nadal is all steroids, moaning and physicality. with the smaller old rackets his weak technique would be exposed badly

Saturday, September 16, 2017

미국복싱은 흑인이 백인에게 인종차별한다

제 목
골로프킨 vs 카넬로 118-110 준 심판 ADELAIDE BYRD년 면상과 화려한 전적.

2017-09-17 13:29:59

대략 이런 면상이다.

이년이 얼마나 대단한 년이냐면, mma랑 복싱 두 분야에서 모두 최악의 심판으로 뽑히는 영광을 받은적이 있다.
흑인한테 후하게 주는 것부터 시작해서 편파에 존나 이상한 판정 한두개가 아닌데도 꾸준히 빅파이트에 불리는 이유는?

바로 좌측에 있는 인간, 베테랑 심판 로버트 버드가 남편이거든.

들여다보면 미국도 존나 썩어빠짐.
ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 진짜 씨발 극혐이네180.182.*.*
2017.09.17 13:30:27

여자년이 뭘 안다고 투기종목 심판질이야 하등한년180.182.*.*
2017.09.17 13:30:36

골롭이 메일보냈단다 재경기 감사합니다 아리가또121.175.*.*
2017.09.17 13:30:40

아 진짜 쓰레기124.53.*.*
2017.09.17 13:30:40

팝펀치♡갤로그로 이동합니다.
시발 판정보소 ㅋㅋ
2017.09.17 13:30:50

로버트 버드 메이웨더 vs 맥 심판 본 얘네118.219.*.*
2017.09.17 13:31:00

여자한테 저런일을 시킨다는게 말이 되냐 머가리가 아니라 감성으로 일하는년들인데211.108.*.*
2017.09.17 13:31:08

japanese car's handling is bad and understeer unlike german, italian and french cars

Pininfarinaa replied: "Nobody drives Lexus in my country too. Lexus is boring car."

7 hours ago (edited)
When I drive 07 lexus IS250, there is only understeer, understeer and understeer.
 Lexus made boring car. I will never dirve it.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

volkswagen achieve the most with the most little things

Why? lol. It's(2017 Audi A4) faster than all other Luxury sedans out there in this class. 335i is not eligible for comparison. This smokes 328, C Class, etc. Only one competing would be Q50 / IS350. it's amazing how with the most little things, audi achieve the most....fuel efficiency is great as well....

vernier caliper is made by Pierre Vernier

Tool School: How to Get the Most Precise Measurements
Master the vernier calipers and you can get you dimensions down to the thousandth of an inch
By Vin Marshall  October 19, 2009

Vin Marshall
At some point, every builder progresses beyond the "eyeball it" method of measurement, and as you build more complex projects, the tape measure is often not precise enough. If you're assembling an engine or machining parts, for instance, you often need to be accurate to within a few thousandths of an inch or parts fail and bad things happen. Unfortunately, most of the tools that can provide this kind of precision don't survive well in a gritty, messy, all-purpose shop. Except the vernier caliper, a device that looks intimidating (especially to those who spy it in your shirt pocket) until you crack its basic code. Here's how to be as exacting as an engineer in anything you build.

Vernier calipers embody a clever trick invented by Pierre Vernier. Lacking the precise and delicate mechanism of a dial caliper, the vernier caliper is a rugged and affordable way to make accurate measurements. But first, you have to understand how a vernier scale works. Looking at the calipers pictured, it should be obvious that there are two marked scales, one of which slides past the other. What is less obvious is that there is a precise relationship between the sizes of the divisions marked on each scale. This precise relationship is what allows a simple device, marked only to 1/20th or 1/40th of an inch and with no gears or screws, to measure accurately up to 1/1000th of an inch.
Why does this size relationship matter? The size of each division marked on the sliding scale is 1/1000 of an inch smaller than the divisions marked on the main scale. So, for example, when the calipers are closed and the 0 marks are aligned, the first mark on the sliding scale is 1/1000" short of the first mark on the main scale, the second mark on the sliding scale is 2/1000" short of the second mark on the main scale, and so forth. The difference in sizes of the divisions adds up. On the calipers pictured, the 50th mark on the sliding scale will be a full division short of the 50th mark on the main scale, lining up directly with the 49th mark. This difference in relative division sizes is the key point.
Here's an example: Imagine first that the calipers are closed and the 0 marks are aligned. Arbitrarily picking a number, lets consider the 14th mark on the sliding scale. Given what we know about the relative sizes of the divisions on the sliding scale and the main scale, we can reason that this mark is 14 * 1/1000" = 14/1000" short of the 14th mark on the main scale. Now let's imagine that we open the jaws of the calipers slightly and move the sliding scale such that its 14th mark lines up perfectly with the 14th mark on the main scale. The caliper jaws have just opened 14/1000 of an inch.
This fundamental concept is what is applied when a vernier caliper is used to measure an object. The main scale, which is marked in units that actually correspond to units in our system of measurement, is used to measure up to 1/20th or 1/40th of an inch, depending on the variety of vernier scale in question. The sliding scale then, which is marked in divisions 1/1000" smaller than those on the main scale, is used to calculate the remainder of the measurement, giving this tool it's 1/1000 of an inch accuracy. So you read the main scale first. Then, reading the sliding scale indicates how many thousandths of an inch larger the measurement is than the reading on the main scale. Adding these two sizes gives the measurement.

Vin Marshall
For the sake of completeness, it should be mentioned that there are two types of vernier scales commonly found in calipers, known as 25-division verniers and 50-division verniers. While the details differ, the fundamental concept remains the same. Each has divisions on the sliding scale that are 1/1000 of an inch smaller than the divisions on the main scale. In the case of the 25-division verniers, the main scale divisions are every 1/40th of an inch and the sliding scale has 25 divisions, each 1/25th smaller than the divisions on the main scale (1/40 * 1/25 = 1/1000). For the 50-division verniers, like those pictured here, the main scale divisions are 1/20th of an inch and the sliding scale has 50 divisions, each 1/50th smaller than the divisions on the main scale (1/20 * 1/50 = 1/1000). They are both used in the same way and give the same accuracy.

But enough math. Let's look at how these are used.

Vin Marshall
Though vernier calipers may seem confusing at first, they are actually dead simple. Adjust the sliding jaws of the caliper so they're snugly positioned against the part to be measured. First read the number of full divisions on the main scale. in the photo above, 1.25. Next, find the first marking on the sliding scale that lines up directly with a marking on the main scale. Take that number as thousandths of an inch (for example, 14 on the sliding scale would be 0.014") and add it to the number from the first step. In this example, the measurement is 1.39".
To learn more, a great reference is "The Starrett Book For Student Machinists".

sylvac(made in swiss) is the best digital caliper in the world

Fowler's Microcal—a revolutionary
external measuring instrument—
combines the features of inch and
metric digital micrometers, snap
gages and calipers all in a single,
simple to use tool.
Microcal, a high resolution .00005"/.001mm
electronic gage, retains high accuracy over
its 4" range. By use of constant measuring
pressure, the gage can obtain exceptional
repeatability even when used by many
different operators. A positive lock and snap
action function duplicates the features
found on most "snap" style gages. Carbide
measuring faces ensure long life and
Microcal also incorporates all of the benefits
and features of our new Sylvac measuring
system such as long battery life, increased
measuring speed, preset capabilities and
best of all… direct RS-232 output !
Order No. Description
54-120-000 0—4" (0-100mm) Microcal with standard anvils
54-120-002 0—4" (0-100mm) Microcal with blade anvils for groove measuring.
54-120-005 Microcal stand
54-120-010 "Photo shutter" type lifting device for Microcal
54-115-333 Simplex Computer Connection Kit. Includes 80" (2m) connecting
cable; 9 pin IBM AT RS-232 connector; GageWedge Software disk.
54-100-350 Replacement lithium battery (type #CR2032 or BR2032).
• 0—4" (0—100mm) external measuring
range. Resolution .00005"(.001mm).
• Repeatability .00008" (.002mm) ±2s.
• Measuring force 9—10.5 oz. (2.5—3N).
Weight .5 lb. (250g). Temperature range
5—40½C working; -20 to 60½C in storage
• Hardened stainless steel beam construc
tion. Completely reengineered Sylvac
measuring sensor. Non-contact linear
measuring system is insensitive to dust,
dirt, oils and electrical or magnetic
• Direct inch/metric switch. Hold feature
freezes display for later viewing. Zero/hold
key doubles as data send key when using
the output. Ideal for hard to reach places.
• Incremental floating zero. Two switchable
reference datums with independent preset
capabilities. Increased measuring, tracking
speed of approximately 1.5 meters/second
• New large, high contrast LCD display.
Height of digits .24". Display now indicates
in/mm, hold, and zero functions.
• Low drain, high efficiency lithium wafer
battery (environmentally safe for disposal)
offers 4500 hours of continuous on time.
Use on/off switch to extend life u

brown & sharpe is the best vernier caliper by far

10-21-2006, 02:23 PM #2
JFettig  JFettig is offline
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Brown and Sharpe is by far my favorite, I've used Mitutoyo, Starrett and the cheapos. B&S seems to be the smoothest one. The only thing that might be nice to have is that little wheel for fine movement, but it is easy and smooth enough that its really not needed.


swiss vernier caliper is the best in the world

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I like my Starrett mikes.

When it comes to dial calipers the 6" B&S without the thumb wheel are the best IMO (hate those thumb wheel type).

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

best bulovas are made by swiss chrono masters

The Accutron brand is still made in Switzerland, so the best Bulovas aren't Japanese.
With its Grand Seiko line, which has a very high level of finish (damaskeening, angleage), I personally consider Seiko to be king of Japanese watches.

Bulova/Accutron are originally Swiss made. They only started using Japanese movement FS in their less expensive models.