Sunday, September 10, 2017

omega is the most accurate quartz watch in the world.

peter_byford • 9 months ago
At one time highly accurate quartz watches were known generically as HEQ ...High End Quartz.
HAQ ??? I think this article grossly underestimates just how accurate mechanical watches CAN be.
Omega, Rolex, IWC are quite capable of +/- 1 ( one ) second a day. Even quartz watches at the very low price band can keep great time. I have a budget designer drop chronograph made in Italy , cost equivalent of $50 that keeps time compared to atomic reference to 1 second a month............Quoted accuracy ratings by the manufacturer can be nowhere near that achieved in wear, in the real world. The Omega Marine Chronometer has slipped down the Top Ten list of the most accurate watches ever made, but owners have reported better timekeeping performance than any of the watches featured in this article. Accuracy of about 1 second a year has been reported by several owners. Read this :-

"After 63 days of rigorous testing, the mean variation rate was no more than 2 thousandths of a second per day ! "

A German kept a log of the timekeeping of his Omega, & over a period of 20 years, accounting for battery changes, said it gained only 18 seconds. QED

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