Friday, September 8, 2017

the corrupt tennis organization intentionally slow down courts speed for nadal and lie that they did not to troll people

by: KAMAKSHI TANDON | September 04, 2017

The cooler-than-usual temperatures in Queens might have something to do with it. (AP)

The court in Arthur Ashe Stadium is not slower than the tournament's other courts, according to the US Open's tournament director.

"We do measurements with our own proprietary tools prior to the tournament, and then again after the tournament," David Brewer told Reuters. "We do that each year, and we’ve done that for about a dozen years now. Our data tells us that the CPR–the Court Pace Rating–is just like any other court on the site right now."

Some players have suggested that the court is slower than in previous years. But court speed also can be affected by the conditions, with cooler-than-usual temperatures in the first week potentially slowing down the ball.

"Players have their own subjective values of any number of things," said Brewer.

The tournament resurfaces the courts each year according to the same standards.

Medici Lyon
Really? You forgot to mention they painted the court a few days before the tourney. You slowed it and now hope it will get back to par in time
LikeReply1Sep 4, 2017 11:03pm
Darren Sammy
Try white court blue lines, white seems faster and ball skids when it hits white
Ryan Nachteriendst
Hope if that ever happens the USTA will not be accused of racism.
LikeReplySep 5, 2017 9:22am

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